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E-Commerce Services

The number of e-commerce businesses and the revenue generated online continue to increase rapidly worldwide. According to research, more than half of Internet users (58.4 percent) buy a product or service over the Internet every week. Online retail sales reached 4.9 trillion dollars worldwide in 2022. Online sales are expected to increase by 7.5 trillion dollars between 2023 and 2027. By 2040, about 95 percent of all sales will be made through an e-commerce system. As Global Atlas Advertising Organization, we plan and implement all the work required for our customers to sell their products in the most suitable e-commerce environment in a market where e-commerce grows so fast. We offer the most suitable online sales system and online store solutions for our customers according to the sectors they operate in.

E-commerce services are services that offer various solutions to businesses that want to sell products or services over the internet. E-commerce services may include website design, payment processing, inventory management, order tracking, customer service, marketing and more.

Our e-commerce services include:

  • Website design: We design a professional and user-friendly e-commerce website for you. We make sure that your website reflects your brand, displays your products effectively and allows your customers to shop easily.
  • Payment processing: We integrate secure and convenient payment options to your website. We enable your customers to pay comfortably using popular payment methods such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, Stripe etc.
  • Inventory management: We set up an inventory management system on your website. This way you can easily track your stocks, update your products and manage your orders. Order tracking: We set up an order tracking system on your website. This way you can monitor the status of your orders and provide your customers with information about their delivery.
  • Order tracking: We set up an order tracking system on your website. This way your customers can see their order status and shipping information from your website or via email. You can also track and report your orders.
  • Customer service: We set up a customer service system on your website. This way your customers can contact you via live chat, email or phone on your website. You can also receive and respond to your customers’ questions, complaints or feedback.
  • Marketing: We integrate marketing tools to your website. This way you can increase the visibility of your website on search engines, promote it on social media platforms, reach your customers with email marketing and improve your conversion rates.

Our E-Commerce Services generally consist of the following stages

1- Determining Customer Profile and Target Audience

First of all, we determine the products and services that our customers sell. Then, based on the analysis of the target audience that our customer is trying to reach, we determine the demands, requests and general outlines of how the online sales site can reach this audience in an effective way.

2- Determining the Right Tools and Sales Channels

After determining the target audience and business profile in the first stage, we determine which tools and sales channels (For example, Sales from the Business’s Own Site or Online Sales Platforms - For example Amazon, etc. digital marketplaces etc. or both sides at the same time) will be used and which online store systems will be established according to these channels.

3- Preparing the Necessary Materials

Here, it is necessary to present the products and services in the right way, that is, to show them. For example, product images or design of advertising campaigns need to be done professionally. At this point, we support our customers with our professional graphic design services.

4- Informing the customer correctly about the use of tools and platforms and providing training .

It is as important to use the configured systems and tools correctly as it is to set them up. At this point, as Atlas Media Advertising Promotion, we also provide the service of informing and training our customers on how they can use these systems on their own.

5- Opening and Publishing E-Commerce Channels

According to our customers’ wishes, we activate the E-Commerce channels (Online Store Pages and Online Sales Platform Accounts) and enable them to start online sales activities.

If you want to benefit from our E-Commerce Services and Services, you can contact us by using the contact form below.


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