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EU Educational Projects Consultancy

As Atlas Ajans, we provide professional support in project preparation, management and reporting to educational institutions that want to benefit from the opportunities offered by the European Union. We guide you through processes such as applying to various EU education programs such as Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, finding partners, developing a project idea and creating a project budget. We also provide the necessary technical and administrative knowledge and skills to successfully carry out, monitor, evaluate and disseminate the results of your education projects supported by EU funds.

These projects contribute to the academic, social and cultural development of students and teachers at secondary school, high school and university levels. If you want to benefit from EU education funds and establish international collaborations, contact us. Atlas Agency is your reliable and experienced partner in EU education projects.

In addition, as Atlas Ajans, we develop educational projects in line with our own vision and mission. These projects are implemented for purposes such as improving the quality of education, ensuring equality of opportunity in education, and using innovative methods and tools in education.

If you want to prepare, execute and report EU projects for your educational institution, contact us immediately. You can contact us by filling out the contact form on the site. Atlas Agency is ready to design the most suitable EU education project for you. Come on, let's start together!


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